eBike Engineering Interface

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This project goal was to implement a new graphical interface for configuration of eBike controllers. The client is a manufacturer of eBike motor controllers. The controllers job is to sit in your bike between the battery and the motor and provide all the brains that turns the battery power into motor power. There are hundreds of configurations that can be made on the controller to make it perform more optimally, or to change its behaviour.

The design challenge of this project was to organize all this information into a coherent user interface which was usable on iOS and Android mobile platforms and as a Windows UWP app on Desktop. Also, it was a requirement to implement as much of the app in code that was common among the targets.

It made sense to use Xamarin for this project since the client had existing resources with this skill set. Xamarin also provides native performance while providing a platform for sharing common C# code among the targets.

Android eBike App iOS eBike App

UWP eBike App